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Yoga at School Beijing

'Yoga' means
"to tie the strands of the mind together - acting in such a way that all of our attention is directed toward the activity in which we are currently engaged."
            from 'The Heart of Yoga' by T.K.V. Desikacher

Yoga fitness - International School Beijing

If you are an International school in Beijing or your child is a student in an International School in Beijing or Primary School in Beijing then our yoga is the perfect afterschool activity. Currently we are running yoga programmes in 6 of the most prestigious international schools in Beijing and the world, helping to focus their students through the everyday trials of school-work. Students from 3 to 18 years old enjoy the benefits of afterschool activities in Beijing.

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Classes are either integrated into the school timetable as part of their learning cycle or taken as an after school activity, once or twice a week for 45 minutes.

Vast benefits - Primary School Beijing

Yoga brings your child an increase of self-awareness and self-confidence through a series of age-appropriate exercises combining breathing and movement. Children benefit in the following ways:

Fast development - Afterschool Activities in Beijing

A combination of poses and movements develop your childs flexibility, strength, balance and posture. Breathing exercises teach children to breathe properly, expand their lung capacity, increasing endurance. Our relaxation games show children how to exercise their bodies as well as relax them. We help your child's energy levels by creating a balance - after a session, extremely active children will be calm and relaxed, whilst quiet children become more alert.

Awakened - International School Beijing

Yoga helps children to become more observant. Senses of sight, earing, smell, taste and especially touch are encouraged to develop through yoga games. A new perspective on the world around them, each other and themselves is awakened.

Emotional growth - Primary School Beijing

Yoga gives your child physical well-being which enhances mental well-being. The yoga exerciseshelp children balance their emotions, relax their minds, strenghthen their concentration and be flexible when met with unexpected circumstances. All great attributes to have in order to enhance their study at school.

Builds social skills - Afterschool Activities in Beijing

In kids yoga we use games where children work in pairs, in small groups and as a class. Children need to cooperate with their peers and this leads to an appreciation that sometimes they can achieve more through working together than they can on their own.

Encourages creativity - International School Beijing

Yoga gives children opportunities to improvise movements, engage in fantasy play and otherwise express themselves creatively. Spontaneity and originality is encouraged so that they carry these forward into their future.

afterschool activities in beijing - kids yoga pose

In all the international schools in Beijing classes are taught by trained bi-lingual facilitators and for students no yoga experience is required.

Please email us for more information or call us on 010 5861 3809 and ask about afterschool activities in International Schools in Beijing.

primary school beijing - kids yoga pose

afterschool activities in beijing - childrens yoga

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primary school beijing - kids yoga

afterschool activities in beijing - kids yoga pose

international school beijing - kids yoga
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