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Prenatal Yoga Beijing

Over 3 months – Pregnancy Exercise Beijing

When practicing prenatal yoga in Beijing the prime concern for us is to make sure that safety comes first. Any kind of pregnancy exercise in Beijing should be facilitated by trained experts aware of the needs of both Mother and Baby.

Breathing and meditation – Pregnancy Yoga Beijing

Through some calming meditation and simple breathing exercises we can help you to become centred and connected to the life developing inside of you.  We will show you how to loosen your muscles and increase your circulation through gentle warm up movements.

Gentle, contolled exercise – Prenatal Yoga Beijing

A combination of carefully controlled squats and floor exercises will help open up the hips in preparation for birth.  Prenatal Yoga stimulates both your mind and your baby’s well-being.

Overcome challenges – Pregnancy Exercise Beijing

Pregnancy Yoga in our Beijing studio will bring you calm strength and inner balance to enable you to overcome the challenges of childbirth and motherhood that lie ahead. Remember that relaxation and caution for safety are the key goals of our facilitators when you practice Prenatal Yoga in Beijing with us.

Our classes will show you how to:

  • Stay flexible and healthy throughout your pregnancy
  • Remain present during the challenges of labor and delivery
  • Care for yourself during the postpartum period
For more information or to try some gentle Pregnancy Exercise in Beijing, click Prenatal Yoga Beijing.

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