Incy Wincy Yoga® FAQs

How often should my baby practice yoga?

Incy Wincy Yoga® can be practiced once or many times throughout the day. Try to commit to sharing yoga with your baby at least once a week.

When should I take a class?

It is best to practice yoga when baby has been fed and is not too tired. About 45 minutes before they routinely get fussy; I am sure you know when that is!

Can baby take a class after eating?

Unlike adults babies can practice yoga shortly after eating, but Mums you must wait at least one hour if you have eaten.

Can I have a class in my own home ?

Yes. We offer group classes and VIP classes either in your own home or at our studio. Call Beijing 5861 3809 or Email Angelina for more details.

What is a Mantra?

It is a sound vibration that echoes through your mind and focuses your mind during yoga practice; for instance - 'When you relax your baby relaxes too!'. The word mantra is a Sanskrit word that comes from 'man' (mind) and 'tra' (deliverance).

Ask a question and we will answer it?

Email your question to Angelina.

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