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Benefits – Yoga Kids Beijing

Health & Bonding – Yoga Benefits

Yoga benefits and exercise benefits for adults are well known but if you’ve been searching for an excellent way to bond with your baby or child and improve there health at the same time, then we have the solution you’ve been looking for.
From pregnancy to newborn baby and then tot to toddler and upwards to 12 years old, we will teach you the many yoga benefits of Incy Wincy Yoga, posture by posture with the comfort and safety offered by highly qualified Yogis.

Fruitful – Exercise Benefits

From the very beginning a mother and child, through yoga, can improve and strengthen their mind and body leading to a more fruitful life.
Since 2006, Angelina has been committed to helping mothers and their babies to understand yoga's exercise benefits and reach that goal. Yoga texts, child experts and yoga-active parents constantly report the following yoga benefits:

Prenatal Yoga Benefits – Yoga Kids Beijing

  • Become centred and connected to your baby
  • Loosens your muscles in preparation for birth
  • Increases and improves blood circulation
  • Opens your hips in preparation for birth
  • Calms your baby growing inside
  • Builds your confidence as a mother 2 be
  • Reduces your stress and anxiety
  • Stimulates your mind and your baby's well-being
  • You sleep more calmly and comfortably!

Baby Yoga Benefits – Yoga Kids Beijing

  • Sleeps better and longer
  • Improves baby’s digestion and eases tummy troubles
  • Turns fussiness and crying into smiles
  • Leads a healthy, physically fit lifestyle
  • Strengthens the parent-child bond
  • Increases neuromuscular development
  • Cultivates self esteem and a positive body image
  • Reduces stress and develops relaxation techniques
  • Aids natural development of movement from birth to walking
  • Discovers ways to enhance your baby’s motor development
  • Strengthens and boosts  the immune system
  • You get more sleep!

Tots Yoga Benefits – Yoga Kids Beijing

  • Deepens the parent/child bond
  • Improves body-awareness
  • Creatse memorable moments with your child
  • Engages baby in a structured physical activity
  • Playfully relieves stress and frustration
  • Increases your child's attention span
  • Provides an outlet for social interaction
  • Nurtures self-esteem and creativity
  • Builds a fit, healthy lifestyle

Remember that most of the newborn baby yoga we do is for baby, but you the parent will also learn Mantra's, breathing and relaxation techniques as you practice yoga yourself. No adult yoga experience is required.

Yoga Kids Beijing is taught by trained facilitators and all yoga classes are bi-lingual.

Click Yoga Kids Beijing to find the nearest class to you!

exercise benefits - baby yoga pose

yoga kids beijing - prenatal yoga pose

yoga benefits - kids yoga pose

exercise benefits - tots yoga pose
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