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Baby Yoga Beijing

Newborn baby to Baby toddler – Baby Yoga Beijing

Baby Yoga Beijing for both newborn baby and baby toddler classes. Each baby yoga Beijing class is filled with relaxing, nurturing ways to increase bonding and help new baby care. By improving baby’s sleep and making an all-round more contented and healthier baby, parent and child are brought together in harmony.

Helps baby sleep – Newborn baby yoga Beijing

Our focus is primarily on your child but at all times you are involved and shown techniques that you can practice at home to help baby sleep, ease indigestion and generally turn a fussy child into a happy one. During a baby yoga class in Beijing, babies discover the beauty of yoga while held in loving arms or on their backs or tummies. For parents, in both newborn baby and baby toddler yoga the class is a special opportunity to meet other parents, get support, and learn about the unique character of their child.

Natural Yogi's – New baby Care

Our newborn babies who practice baby yoga in Beijing naturally mirror Classical Hatha Yoga postures developed more than five thousand years ago. All newborn babies naturally breathe through the nose as do Yogis, they are only interested in the present moment, they love unconditionally, are not violent and practice yoga poses as part of their development.

Learn together – Newborn Baby Beijing

Remember that most of the newborn baby yoga we do is for baby, but you the parent will also learn Mantra's, breathing and relaxation techniques as you practice yoga yourself. No adult yoga experience is required.

Trained facilitators – New Baby Care

Baby Yoga Beijing is taught by trained facilitators. All newborn baby and baby toddler classes are bi-lingual.

Whether a newborn baby or baby toddler click Baby Yoga Beijing to find the nearest class to you!

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