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About us Fun Activities in Beijing
A need – Preschool Activities Beijing

The company was founded in 2006 by Ian and Angelina. It was realised that Fun Activities in Beijing were few and far between to meet the needs of the foreign communities spread throughout Beijing. Preschool activities in Beijing were common enough but the focus was on preschool education alone; there wasn't much fun involved! Our yoga provides a stimulus for both mind and body in a way that is fun for all.

Caring ideals – Preschool Education Beijing

Since those early beginnings we have focused our knowledge to create a caring and harmonious company. From first hand knowledge of both pregnant and baby yoga after the birth of our first son, Oliver, in January 2008 we recognised an even greater need than before for both expats and Chinese alike. Preschool activities in Beijing are growing and we are at the forefront of that growth.

Bonding – Fun Activities in Beijing

Angelina as a mother has learned that Yoga is necessary to the perfect development of her son. As an accomplished Yogi in her own right she has developed a series of classes to enhance the love and happiness between Mother and Child that come under the umbrella of 'fun activities in Beijing'.

Quality – Preschool Activities Beijing

We have more than ten fully trained caring instructors providing preschool activities in Beijing (Yoga from baby to 12 years old) with a move to expand business throughout China and the Asia Pacific.
If you wish to learn the secrets of Yoga then join us on one of our complimentary trial days. Call Beijing 5861 3809 and join one of the most rewarding fun activities in Beijing. All classes are bi-lingual.

fun activities in beijing - baby yoga pose

preschool activities beijing - kids yoga pose
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